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iPhone Insurance

iPhone Insurance

Now that you own your new iPhone, you probably already know you need to look after it.

How cool is your new gadget? Have you got to the point yet where you panic for a few seconds when you suddenly think you dont know where it is and it might be lost?

I know we do 😉

Maybe you stand up from a meeting, walk out then “*Arghghg* – where’s my iPhone??”

It’s that fleeting panic of “oh my goodness, I *really* need my iPhone NOW – where is it?”

You probably quickly remembered where it was. Hopefully.

Let’s be honest, have you ever borrowed or used another phone to call your phone to find out where it is?

Now think about what if it was really gone…

Maybe you put it in your bag, you came to work – and now its gone!

Maybe it got knocked into the swimming pool or toilet (you’d be amazed to know the statistics for exactly that! – 1.2 MILLION phones are killed by water damage every year)

Maybe it simply gets stolen. Not pleasant.

Now you need to quickly get your iPhone back (or at least an iPhone) in your hand. You need to get on with your life.

Make those calls, send those emails and texts, check the internet, use those apps.

But now you’ve got to replace it…

How much would it cost you to replace?

For the iPhone 5C you would pay £469

For the iPhone 5S you would pay £709

Do you really want to have to spend that much to replace your iPhone in the likelihood of losing your iphone or it getting stolen or damaged?

This is what iPhone Insurance is for…

  • Yours Accidental Damage Cover
  • Yours Theft Cover
  • Yours International Cover (up to 90 days abroad)
  • Yours Optional Loss Cover
  • Yours 48 Hour Claim Service. We aim to process all claims within 48 hours
  • Yours Fraudulent Call Cover up to £100 – More Info
  • Yours Extended Warranty
  • Yours Water & Liquid Damage Cover

All this – and its only £5.99 a month!

Your Network?

Yep! We cover ALL UK network iPhones.

Your iPhone?

We cover ALL UK-purchased iPhones, bought in the last 12 months, that has a valid proof of purchase.

But I am on Pay As You Go?

Not a problem. We cover pay as you go iPhones, ‘monthly contract bill’ iPhones, unlocked, locked – so long as it was purchased in the last 12 months in the UK, with a valid proof of purchase. See Terms for details.

Here’s why you need to jump on this right now and get protected today…

  • Yours iPhone Cover including Optional Loss Cover
  • Yours Rapid 48 Hour Claims Service. We aim to process all claims within 48 hours
  • Yours International Cover up to 90 days
  • Yours Underwritten by large, respected multi-national secure insurer
  • Yours Immediate Family Members Covered – details
  • Yours Rapid Cover here

But I’ve got the new iPhone?

Great! It’s a dashedly cool phone! We cover that.

But I’ve got the older-model iPhone?

Don’t worry – we cover ALL iPhones, irrespective of model – whether it is the iPhone 5S & 5C, 5, 4S, 4, the iPhone 3G-S, 3G and 2G iPhone – so long as it was purchased as new in the UK within the last 12 months, subject to the Terms.

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