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iPhone Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

iPhone Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

We do everything we can to make sure all your questions are answered here on this site.

When people ask us a question, we put the most commonly asked ones here on this “Frequently Asked Questions” page.

If after reading this you still have questions unanswered, follow the instructions below…

Do you offer iPhone 5 insurance?
Yes. We insure iPhone 2, 3G, 3G-S, 4, 4S and iPhone 5 phones – basically, ALL models available in the UK.

Can I insure items used by my family members?
Yes. Immediate family members are covered with the normal cover. NOTE ‘immediate family’ is defined as your mother, father, son, daughter, spouse, domestic partner who permanently resides with you – nothing other than this eg not your cousin.

What phone networks will you cover for?
We can cover all iPhones purchased within the last 12 months subject to the usual Terms as shown online here – no matter what network you are on! So if you are on Orange, O2, T-Mobile, 3,Vodafone or ANY UK network – we can cover you – you can order iPhone insurance here

How much is it?
If you pay monthly by Direct Debit, it is one simple fee of £5.99 a month. Loss cover is an optional extra of only £1 per month.

If you pay Annually, you pay only £71.88.

You can pay either monthly by Direct Debit, or yearly by credit/debit card with one single payment. It’s your choice!

So what is covered?
Get insured with us today and you are rapidly protected for…

  • Theft
  • Water damage
  • Loss (optional extra)
  • Accidental Damage
  • Extended Warranty (ie if it ‘just goes wrong’)
  • International Cover up to 90 days
  • Fraudulent Call Cover – see details
Insurance iPhone

Do I qualify for this low-cost iPhone Insurance?
Did you get your iPhone…

  • In the UK (and you are a UK resident)?
  • With a valid proof of purchase (receipt or invoice)?
  • In the last 12 months (as shown on your proof of purchase)?
  • New when you bought it?

If you answered yes to ALL these then you could qualify … read on …

What is “Proof of Purchase”?
A proof of purchase is needed before we can process any claim. A proof of purchase means an original receipt, invoice or other documentation required to prove your gadget was purchased as new by you from a UK VAT registered company. This must show the date of purchase, make, model, IMEI/Serial number of your iPhone. If your iPhone came with a contract, the documentation should show this. If it is an item that came free with another contract item (eg a contract mobile phone) then you will have documentation showing the connection between the item and the contract item. The date is vital – it must show as being within the last 12 months at the time you order your iPhone insurance here.

NOTE: The date of your iPhone is taken from your proof of purchase (receipt or invoice). We can only insure your iPhone if your receipt or invoice shows the date within the last 12 months.

You will need to send in a copy of your proof of purchase by post, after you have ordered.

Will I be able to continue my iPhone insurance after the first 12 months?
Yes! After the first 12 months you can then choose to continue your iPhone insurance – by paying either monthly or yearly. So long as the insurance continues without any non-insured period, you can continue to repeatedly insure it for as long as you wish, subject to the usual Terms.

When am I covered?
Your policy is setup by the administrator rapidly once your purchase is complete. However, please keep in mind that you are not covered for any incident that causes the need for a claim within the first 14 days and therefore, your item is covered after this.

I have a new contract with O2 with a 14-day return ‘reconditioned’ iPhone. Can you insure me?
Yes. If you have a new contract/upgrade with O2 (subject to the usual Terms, within 12 months from purchase etc) if you were given a 14-day return reconditioned iPhone handset, then yes, we can insure you.

Can I use my own SIM card (chip) in my iPhone?
Yes. You can put whatever SIM card you want (whether Pay as you go or pay monthly contract) in your iPhone. You do not have to use the SIM card which came with your iPhone (it is your iPhone you will be insuring, not the SIM – the SIM gets replaced by your network). You must simply register the SIM you want to use (with it’s phone number) during the order process – or if you change the SIM card later simply call us.

What is the Claims process?
We give you all the details you need immediately after ordering. To start a claim you simply call us on the Claims line (given immediately after ordering). We aim to process all claims within 48 hours.

Insurance iPhone

When will I receive the documentation?
Your documentation will arrive by email usually within 10 days after ordering (don’t worry – you are covered at soon as your order goes through, subject to successful payment).

Am I insured in a commercial vehicle?
Because commercial vehicles (such as builders vans etc) can have a large number of items stored in them and potentially stolen, we cannot insure the item in any commercial vehicle. ‘Commercial vehicle’ means a work vehicle ie it does not necessarily have to be a van – it could be a car or taxi. If it is being used for work purposes then it is a ‘commercial vehicle’ and as such cannot be covered. If it is being used for personal purposes then it is not a ‘commercial vehicle’ at that time.

Where can I live?
If you are a UK resident (including the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands) then we can cover you, plus you are covered when you travel abroad for up to 90 days within any 12 month period. This covers any repairs being carried out in the UK by repairers approved by us (or replacement if repair is not possible).

How do I get my replacement?
We replace with a like-for-like product – ie the same – or as near as possible at the time of replacement, if by the time of the claim your model is no longer available. For example, if you have an iPhone 3G, and if when you make a claim the iPhone 3G is still available on the market then you would get an iPhone 3GS – If in this example, the iPhone 3G is not available you will get the nearest-specification phone.

Is there a 12 month contract with this insurance?
Yes, this iPhone insurance is a 12 month contract which you can pay yearly with a once-off credt/debit card payment today, or pay monthly by bank Direct Debit each month – so it is up to you how you pay. Either way you can re-insure yourself after the 1st year. Both options are available here >> Click here

Can you cover Northern Ireland?
Yes we can cover Northern Ireland customers. We cannot cover Republic of Ireland customers because we are only regulated to cover the UK.

Can you insure business iPhones?
Yes, we can insure individual consumers and/or business customers. Please note we can offer volume discounts – the prices are already discounted – but on volume orders further discount is available.

Details of the volume disounts are here. For multiple orders, please simply complete the iPhone insurance order process online here and use the drop down menu for the number of iPhones you have.

What is IPT?
Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) is a tax on general insurance premiums. IPT is included in the premium quoted so you don’t have to worry about it being an extra charge

How do I claim if I need to?
Instantly after order we provide you with all the claims details you need by email. In the event of a claim you simply call us and we talk you through the claims process. Claims are processed within 48 hours once all documents received.

If your phone is damaged or stolen you simply fill in a form and we process your claim. If your phone is damaged, we ask you to send this in to us. You simply courier or post your damaged phone to us as soon as you initiate your claim, following our instructions on how to do this.

Again, everything you need to know about the claims procedure is sent to you immediately after you order. It is quick and easy to claim.

Order now?
You can order your iPhone insurance protection online here now

Still got questions?

Please note – we put everything you need to know on this site. Please browse the site for details – it is all here. If after reading this site you cannot locate your answer please contact us – but remember – it will be quicker to find it on this site here. Thanks

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