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We have been so used with the black features of the Apple iPhone 4 that when we saw that Apple released a white iPhone, we just know the gadget community will want to talk about this peculiar model. The only thing that surprised many Apple enthusiasts is that it was taken out of the online store already and it has not been seen again in their database.

There was an apparent downtime in Apple’s website and when it went back, the white iPhone 4 was no longer seen in the online store. Whether this is a marketing trick or a legitimate decision to take away the new model is something not yet clear.

The iPhone 4 has been extremely popular in the UK since its release and right now, iPhone fans are waiting for the new iPhone 5 so they are at the edge when something new appears. This mysterious white iPhone is not the new iPhone 5, but it surely did create some news within the online community. Today, you can always avail protection for your iPhone 4 with comprehensive iPhone 4 insurance and protect it while waiting for the next generation iPhone. For only £5.99, you can avail of in-depth iPhone insurance to protect your current model from theft, loss and even accidental damages.

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